Dungarvin Nevada

We believe each person has his or her own set of aspirations, goals, strengths, and dreams. We work closely with each individual, and people close to the individual, to discover and understand this unique combination. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we design and provide a constellation of services to support the person in achieving his or her life goals.

Helping people to achieve their fullest potential improves the quality of their life and that of the entire community.

Dungarvin is proud to be part of this enriching process.

Organization Name: Dungarvin Nevada

Organization Phone Number: 775-348-4030

Organization Email: mhawkins@dungarvin.com

Organization Website: https://www.dungarvin.com

Organization Address:

1325 Airmotive Way
Ste 325, NV 89502
United States

What is your coverage area?
Dungarvin provides services throughout Washoe County and all of Rural Nevada

What Respite Services do you offer?
Currently we offer Shared Living to 32 homes in Northern Nevada and 45 in Southern Nevada. Our caregivers are in need of respite and we would like to see how we can work to help each other.

What are the payment options for your service?
We bill through the regional centers through Medicaid

What population do you serve?
Adults with intellectual disabilities

What age range do you serve?

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