Respite Support Services

Caregiving often requires finding appropriate resources for a loved one and helping them navigate through the services.

Here is a list of some of the most important resources in Nevada that not only help identify respite services but can assist with other related supports.

VA Resources

Next in honor to our veterans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom is the veterans who served and now need our care! NLRCC respects all of our Nevada veterans (and those caregivers who honor, love, and appreciate them!) and encourages veteran families to participate in the following programs and resources, including respite.

Nevada 2-1-1

Nevada 2-1-1 is a special telephone number reserved in Canada and the United States to provide information and referrals to health, human and social service organizations. Dialing 2-1-1 in almost every part of the United States will connect you to human and social services for your area.

Nevada 2-1-1’s services include places to find emergency food, housing and emergency shelter locations, children’s services, support for seniors, older persons, and people with disabilities, and mental health and counseling services, among many others.

Nevada 2-1-1 is committed to helping Nevadans connect with the services they need. Whether by phone or internet, our goal is to present accurate, well-organized and easy-to-find information from state and local health and human services programs.”

Nevada Care Connection Resource Centers

Nevada Care Connection works with Nevadans in providing friendly one-on-one assistance to individuals of all ages, disabilities, their caregivers and families. Nevada Care Connection uses person/family centered approach in care planning, resources and service navigation and connecting individuals with supports and services that can improve their quality of life.

ARCH National Respite Network & Resource Center

The ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center assist sand promotes the development of quality respite and crisis care programs in the United States. They help families locate respite and crisis care services in their communities and serve as a strong voice for respite in all forums.

The ARCH National Respite Network includes the National Respite Locator, a service to help caregivers and professionals locate respite services in their community, the National Respite Coalition, a service that advocates for preserving and promoting respite in policy and programs at the national, state, and local levels, and the Lifespan Respite Technical Assistance Center which is funded by the Administration for Community Living in the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Family Caregiver Association (FCA)

For over 40 years, the Family Caregiver Association has provided services to family caregivers of adults with physical and cognitive impairments, such as Parkinson’s, stroke, Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Our services include assessment, care planning, direct care skills, wellness programs, respite services, and legal/financial consultation vouchers. Ongoing support is available with FCA, also now on a digital service platform. FCA is a longtime advocate for caregivers in the areas of policy, health and social system development, research, and public awareness, on the state, national and international levels.

The services, education programs, and resources from FCA are designed with caregivers’ needs in mind and offer support, tailored information, and tools to manage the complex demands of caregiving.

The Well Spouse® Association

The Well Spouse® Association, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization, advocates for and addresses the needs of individuals caring for a chronically ill and/or disabled spouse/partner.  We offer peer to peer support and educate health care professionals and the general public about the special challenges and unique issues “well” spouses face every day. To achieve this mission the Well Spouse® Association:

  • coordinates a national network of Support Groups
  • facilitates a Mentor program
  • publishes a newsletter (Mainstay)
  • hosts a website ( with resources for coping and survival skills, which includes an on-line chat forum for spousal caregivers
  • organizes regional respite weekends and a national conference for caregivers
  • provides continuing support for members whose spouses have died
  • advocates on behalf of spousal caregivers
  • seeks out new initiatives to help caregiver spouses and their families cope with the emotional and financial stresses associated with chronic illness and/or disability

The Sanford Center for Aging

The Sanford Center for Aging (SCA), part of the UNR School of Medicine, is the new home of the Caregiver Initiative.